Follow the shimmer brick road...

It's the ultimate one-size-fits-all product (though even better there are 2 shade combos to choose from) but did you know all the many uses of the wonder product known as the gloShimmer brick?

How do I love thee, gloShimmer brick? Let me count the ways…

1. The most obvious - swirl all 4 colors together to highlight and add a little sheen to your look. The 4 complementary shades create the perfect blend to highlight or add a pop of color to any feature.

2. Apply gleam's silver quadrant or luster's light gold to the inner and outer corners of the eye for an angelic finish to your eye shadow application.

3. Concentrate gleam's silver quadrant or luster's light gold or bronze on the eyelid and crease, follow with winged eyeliner for a super mod look. To really complete the look, go extremely nude or brilliantly bright on the lips.

4. For date night or anytime you want a soft, romantic look brush gleam’s pink quadrant on to the apples of the cheeks for a soft glow. Pair with sweet pink lips (I recommend gloLip stick in Raspberry for some impact) and lots of mascara for a look that’s dreamy!

5. Luster’s bronze section is excellent to use as a highlight on the browbone for tan or deep skin tones. It will look more natural than common white/opalescent shades.

6. Layer gleam in pink on top of gloCream blush in Guava or Plumeria for a fun, colorful effect.

7. After applying your lip color, dab a bit of luster in light pink on the center of your bottom lip and top with clear gloss and voila! Perfectly pouty lips!

Click here to see more about glominerals gloShimmer brick!

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