101 Ways...

Okay, okay…I exaggerated. But I bet if you tried - or just had enough time on your hands - you really could find that many ways with the gloRenew Serum.

Here are my top ten useful uses that I can confirm it works amazingly for...

1. Start prepping the skin to get the exfoliation going before you go see your derm for your scheduled peel – you’ll see much better results! Use 2-4 times a week for a few weeks prior to treatment.

2.Want more dramatic results after your peel? Continue use at home to increase skin sloughing (though as with anything immediately following treatment check with your doctor first).

3.Are you an oily skin gal? Use this regularly to balance the skin and help minimize that slick feeling (a must-have for warm or humid climates).

4. Sneak it into your man’s skincare routine – its great for his skin too! Men typically have thicker, more oily skin...meaning they need all the help they can get to keep oil under control! Plus, the mild exfoliation from the glycolic acid, salicylic acid and retinol helps with bumps and ingrown hairs after shaving!

5. Just got waxed? Apply this 24-48 hours after waxing (and then once daily) to the waxed area to prevent ingrown hairs.

6. Create a whip. Simply mix a few pumps of the gloRenew Serum with 1 pump of gloPurifying Gel Cleanser in the palm of your hand, rub together vigorously and massage on to your face. Leave on for just a few minutes and rinse.

7. No time for a pampering pedi? Rub on calluses and rough patches on your feet each night. The active ingredients go to work and within days you'll wake up to softer, smoother tootsies!

8. Apply daily to areas suffering from keratosis polaris (kp) - you know, the red bumpy skin on the back of your arms or legs? This works like magic to improve the texture and tone of the skin. Once the symptoms have subsided apply 1-3 times a week for maintenance.

9. If you have sensitive skin (like me who panics at the mention of the word peel), use this at home as a chemical exfoliation treatment. You get all the benefits of a mild exfoliation combined with nourishing and antioxidant ingredients!

10. Just days before a big date and suffering a break out? 2 words - spot treat.

Fyi - The retinol and hydroxy acids in this serum causes higher sensitivity to the sun so make sure you are wearing SPF everyday...not that this is a problem because you are already doing that like you are supposed to, right?!

Now that I've shared my new found uses...what are some of yours?

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