Saturday, October 3, 2009

The best defense...

This morning I swung by the downtown Denver REI flagship store and bought this season's Colorado Pass for the slopes. I am feeling pretty 'Colorado' now that I have that little gem on its yellow lanyard. But I'm also feeling like I'll need more than a coat and gloves to keep me protected on the mountains. So I've lined up a defense that is going with me and my winter gear every weekend. First off, I'm sticking with my favorite gloConditioning Hydration Cream which is rich in antioxidants and strengthens and supports skin. But I'm adding the gloDaily Defense SPF 30+ which blocks the sun's damaging rays (which will be coming from above and reflecting off snow!) I'm also bringing the gloBarrier Balm which will protect, soothe and moisturize. The last step for my face will be gloPressed Base which will provide flawless coverage so I'll look my best. Finally, I'm keeping the mint balm in my coat pocket. Its pure rosemary and mint essential oils cool, refresh and protect. Plus, it's SPF 15!
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