What's coming to you

Happy Friday! The snow is melting fast now that the sun's out and the temperature is up in Denver, which should make for a great Halloween weekend! But what I've got to tell you today is something to look for next time you place an order at gloSkincare.com. We've got something new coming to you! Check out the envelope you'll find in your order. In the envelope you'll find the all new What's New with gloSkincare (preview above)-- it's specially designed to highlight some of our great new products and promotions. And even better... there are special deals coming to you on the products you'll see featured. But you'll have to check out the envelope for that, which mean's you'll want to place an order. And while you're doing that, enter the Freebie Friday offercode at checkout (GLOFREEBIEFRIDAY) and get the absolutely-essential-for-changing-weather mint balm for free! Have a happy, safe and wonderful Halloween weekend!