Ruby love

I've always gone for playing up eyes over lips but the new gloRoyal lip crayon in regal ruby might have changed all of that in the blink of an eye. Here's what happened: I was rushing around this morning snagging keys, coat, snacks etc. trying to make it out the door on time for work when the regal ruby crayon our product manager had given me caught my eye. I was feeling impulsive (also I hadn't had a chance to do much for my eyes) so I popped off the cap and slid that regal ruby crayon right on my lips. Then a glance in the mirror. And Instant love. There is something about the application (this isn't new, everyone's saying the same thing!) that makes this lip crayon a pleasure. It's smooth and soft, but it stays put. Also, the crayon allowed me to put the color just exactly where I wanted it. Then there is this color. I'm in love with the your-lips'-natural-red-only-much-better hue and the way it gave me just the bit of glamour my otherwise harried morning hadn't allowed.

Here's the bonus (and the inspiration for this post) I just walked over to the mirror three hours, a cup of coffee and a bottle of water later, and my lips are still perfectly regal ruby!