holiday's got a hold on me

The holiday spirit has got a hold of me. I'm not generally the girl who scrubs radio stations for holiday tunes the day after Thanksgiving. In fact, I'm usually the All-that-crazy-holiday-chaos-can-wait-until-at-least-mid-December girl. But this year, I can't deny that I'm tapping my foot to carols (and even seeking them out!) It started this week when my roommates and I put up and decorated a real live Christmas tree. It's a first for all of us in our post-college lives. But the holiday spirit really took hold when I did my holiday present shopping! Giving gifts is one of my favorite things in the world (of course I love receiving them too!) and this year I had so many great glo ideas! Shhh... don't tell, but both my beautiful mother and sister are getting a shimmer brick in gleam. It is one of my personal favorites and it is so versitile. It has travelled with me for all of my weekend trips because it's great for all over glo or for a little highlight here and there and even for eye shadow. I'm also giving my sister the gloTint for cheeks and lips (Self mag loves it too) -- she will love that beautiful berry hue and how easy it is to use! I snagged a lot more that I can tell you about later. Happy holiday gift giving! If you need some ideas, let me know. Or if you have some great ideas, let everyone know!