Friday, September 25, 2009

Cold snap

We had our first chilly week here in Denver! It had me digging through boxes for sweaters and scarves and also reaching for some of our most skin-comforting products. Sitting on my desk right now is the gloConditioning Restorative Cream. Maybe it's the natural ingredients like black current, rose hip and jojoba. Or maybe it's the science-backed formulations. The long and short of it is that this cream is just the comfort my skin was craving. It is smooth and rich and lovely and it makes my skin feel just the same!

To the mountains!

Decision made: I'm off to Vail this weekend! It'll be my first time since I moved to Denver last month. As soon as I leave work, I'll throw some sweaters and such in my bag and fly out the door and up to the mountains. I might be heading to the great outdoors, but I won't be leaving my addiction to everything beauty behind. A girl's got to look her best even clinging to a mountain side, right? But I also don't want to lug a trunk's worth of products. So I've strategized. Here are my two pretty glominerals picks that work double duty for every look I'll need this weekend whether it's for Vail after dark or for wearing with a ponytail and boots on the trails. First pick is the gloShimmer brick in gleam. This little palette's four shades will work for cheek and eye color accents and for highlighting my look for tonight. And tomorrow before I hit the trail, I can swirl the colors together to give my face that fresh glo I crave! My second necessity is the gloTint for cheeks and lips. This flawlessly-flattering product is easy to use and makes cheeks and lips as delicious as the raspberry tint it leaves behind. It'll keep my lips pretty all night and all day!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Daring fall looks, bold lips

Fashion week finished up yesterday and my oh my what a week of beautiful colors, textures and styles! It has me completely ready to try my hand at making one of fall's "haute" looks my own. I've always been a play-up-the-eyes kind of girl (think the Enchanted Midnight Look or the Glam Look by glominerals) but I just might be ready to venture on to that bold lip that is cropping up in all chic corners of the earth this fall. I've got my eye on gloLip stick in siren, which from what Cat Tatman tells us in the great Q&A above (see it in original blog form here) will flatter my skin's warmer undertones. Not to mention, I absolutely can't resist a shade called siren.

glotherapeutics gloClear, now I'm glo-ing

I've been at gloProfessional for just over a month now. Since my arrival, I have been learning, learning, learning all about our wonderful products-- and there is a lot to learn! During product training I wrote notes in the margins that read like this: "Get this for winter!" or "Gen (my sister) would LOVE this," and "Xmas present idea for Mom!" Yesterday I made my first gloProfessional product order. When it came right down to it, there wasn't a gift in the bunch-- instead, I checked off just about every product in the gloClear line to help my North Carolina humidity-loving skin adjust to the climate here in Denver. Today I can report that I am smitten. I've never used acne products that so beautifully balanced the needs of my skin. Nothing left me with that post-acne-treatment stiffness that so many washes and treatments I've tried before have done. My roommate (also from North Carolina) feels the same way. Here's a text message she sent me from work this morning: "Washing my face was my motivation to get out of bed this morning. It just makes me happy." That makes two of us! And more if you count the editors at Fitness magazine who featured the gloClear Complexion Pads (see above) in the October issue. It's hard not to be a fan of such a wonderful product line!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Falling for glo

There's plenty new to be excited about with glotherapeutics this season with the upcoming launch of five new gloAdvanced products on October 15th (we'll talk more about that soon!) But with Labor Day behind us and cool days and nights ahead of us, it's a great time to indulge in some delciously nurturing glotherapeutics favorites. Polish away unhealthy cells with the gloPumpkin Enzyme Scrub while that rich pumpkin spiced cinnamon scent invites you to relaxation. Relieve dry skin with the gloConditioning Restorative Mask which harnesses the restorative strength of wild black cherry bark. And help your skin recover from too much of summer's sun with the gloBrightening Serum which reduces the appearance of sunspots. Breathe deeply and love a little luxury this autumn.

glo + fashion week = love

Fashion week kicked off today in NYC! That's about as perfect an excuse as I can think of to spend a week completely enveloped in that glitzy world of haute couture. While I dream of ways to snag those looks off the catwalk for spring, I'm also looking right next to the catwalk at the front-row-sitting-celebs who have fall chic down to a T. I'll be matching trends I see for fall with our fantastic fall collection from glominerals (check out Mischa Barton's metallic look above.) So if you're as in love with Fashion Week as I am, keep in touch here and on our glominerals facebook page! Become a fan and tell your friends!
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