Summer Skincare

Now that summer's officially arrived, be sure to keep your skin looking its glo-ing best with our top summer glotherapeutics picks -- all under $35!

1. glōDaily Defense SPF30+ :: $30
A lightly tinted broad spectrum protector that easily applies daily and has a smooth finish.

2. gloPumpkin Enzyme Scrub :: $30
Keep your complexion fresh and radiant by exfoliating several times a week with this luxurious scrub.

3. gloSoothing Gel Mask :: $32
In case you accidentally get too much sun, vitamin E and antioxidants work to heal and soothe.

4. glōClear Complexion Pads :: $34
Easy application pads contain active ingredients to gently break down excess sebum, immediately balance oily skin and help prevent growth of p.acne bacteria.

5. glōRefreshing Mist :: $14

Keep your cool while lounging poolside or stash in fridge for an extra refreshing mist.

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