What to do with Hydration Mist Canister?

If you're anything like me, the gloMoist Hydration mist is a staple of the morning makeup routine, especially in the summer! This morning I am pretty sure I finished off my first container of the year and I got to thinking about some cool ways to reuse the spritzer. I came up with several ideas and I'm wondering if any glo makeup mavens out there have additional ways they reuse them! Here are mine:

--Fill it with water to use as a spritzer at the pool (beach, for you lucky coastal people!).
--Use it as a plant mister.
--Use it for a mister when ironing clothes.
--Fill it with water and keep it in the fridge to cool off the skin after really hot days of yard work.
--Try it out as a travel-size container for: hair spray on-the-go, travel bug spray, travel hair scrunching gel, travel-anything-you-need-a-sprayer-for! Create some cute labels or use stickers so you don't accidentally put hairspray on your arms and legs though!

If you have other ways you've reused this versatile container, share in the comments section!

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