New glotherapeutics Vitamin C: Rave Review!

Dermatology Associates out of San Antonio, TX, recently tried and reviewed products in our new glotherapeutics Vitamin C and Moisturizers collections. The consensus -

"We are in love with this new line."

Here is what Sylvia and the rest of the dermatology practice thought after one week of use:

"I have very sensitive, rosacea-prone skin. Using the Ultra 15% Vitamin C there was no stinging or irritation, which is usually the case anytime I use Vitamin C serums. I also felt an immediate tightening of my skin after applying the Ultra 15%.

I paired the Ultra 15% with the B5 Hydration. It is fantastic! I saw almost immediate improvement in my fine lines and my skin just looked smoother overall. In addition to having rosacea-prone skin, it is also on the oily side, and this product really helped to mattify and equalize the oil content in my skin. I love that it is unscented as well.

As an aesthetician, I've also noticed that, unlike other Vitamin C serums, the glotherapeutics Vitamin C products are not turning my hands yellow. I'm sure other aestheticians who come in contact with product as much as I do will appreciate this. Overall, this new line tops any other Vitamin C products we have ever tried. We are in love with this new line."

--Sylvia Babbitt, Dermatology Associates

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