Tricks of the Trade Photo-Ready Face

Whip up a perfect summer glo with this fresh-faced tip! While glominerals pressed base is one of our most popular base products due to its easy application, don't overlook the gorgeous finish that a our liquid foundation can deliver. If you are like me and shy away from liquid foundation because you're afraid it might be too heavy, try this technique and you'll be amazed at the light-as-a-feather look and feel that comes with the perfect application!

• gloProtective liquid foundation - Satin II
• gloMoist hydration mist (Use two pumps)
• glominerals texture brush
• Small glass bowl for mixing

Using the texture brush, mix gloProtective liquid foundation with 2 pumps of glōMoist hydration mist in the glass bowl.

Using the texture brush, give a light airbrushed application of the mixture. The whipped gloProtective liquid foundation - Satin II and gloMoist hydration mixture goes on like silk and offers a lovely satin, photo-ready finish!

I tried this with the gloSheer ting base bronzing gel and the overall result was just stunning! Use the same whipping technique with gloSheer tint base, the base bronzing gel or gloHighlighter for an extra gorgeous glo!

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