Ingredient In-Depth: Preventhelia

This tetrapeptide is identified to fight against the detrimental effects of UV radiation. Daily use inhibits the formation of oxidative stress, promotes DNA repair and prevents glycation. (See our previous blog post on glycation here!)

Another of the cutting-edge ingredients found in our Ultra 15% Vitamin C serum, new from glotherapeutics, Preventhelia works to protect the skin, cells and DNA from the toxic effects of free radicals, thus preventing skin aging, cellular necrosis and DNA damage. It does this by fighting the detrimental effects of UV radiation in human skin that can lead to photoaging. It possesses photoprotective properties, and is able to prevent the damage caused directly or indirectly by UV radiation to DNA and proteins.

Photoaged skin will show the following qualities: coarsely wrinkled skin, skin thickening, marked dryness and scaliness, and uneven pigmentation and lentigines. Photoaging is associated with an accumulation of UV-induced damage:

This damage can react with proteins and cause irreversible damage to the cells, especially collagen cells as shown below: they can harden, lose elasticity and become discolored:

Preventhelia works to both protect and repair cells by preventing DNA damage, and reinforcing DNA repair capacity. Preventhelia is just one more of the cutting-edge peptides found in the all new Ultra 15% Vitamin C serum from glotherapeutics!

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