Fun with holiday makeup looks!

glominerals makeup artists Jenny Van Tuinen and Kate McCarthy got together to work on holiday looks to share with you! Check out the step by step instructions and gorgeous results below:

• Prep the lid with gloLid primer.

• Apply champagne gloEye shadow over entire eyelid from lashes to brow with the eye blender brush.

• Apply linen gloEye shadow from the lash line to under brow bone with the eye blender brush.

• Wash silver streak gloEye shadow onto eyelid with the eye blender brush. For added definition, use the eye contour brush to blend storm into the crease of the eye and under brow bone.

• With the smudge brush, press storm into bottom lash line and blend.

• Press jet into upper and lower lash line with smudge brush. Follow by lining inside of lower eye lid with platinum eye pencil.

• Brush on two coats of black gloWater resistant mascara.

For more tips, see our looks sections on For video instruction on creating this look, check out our previous blog post featuring Jenny and glo Marketing Assistant Lucia working on creating the look!

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