6 Things You May Not Know About Retinol

1) Retinol is a great ingredient for people who have skin that has lost its elasticity, is environmentally damaged, leathery, aged or dull. It is ideal to promote cell renewal, brighten and rejuvenate. Acneic skin can also benefit from the cellular renewal.

2) Nighttime application is recommended. Start by applying your retinol-based product 2-3 nights per week and increase frequency of use to every night if it is well tolerated.

3) For skin that is resistant to peeling, Retinol can be just the ticket. A few weeks of using a Retinol based product nightly will guarantee better results from a treatment. There is evidence that pre-treatment use of Retinol also accelerates healing after a chemical peel. Use can be resumed as soon as the skin has recovered from the exfoliation.

4) This type of serum can be used to intensify a chemical exfoliation. Applying it between layers of the Modified Jessner or Salicylic Acid peels or adding Retinol to the end of a treatment will add depth to the treatment. It is a strong, effective addition for creating change in the skin.

5) The combination of Retinol with Glycolic Acid and brighteners found in glo.therapeutics' Retinol CS is perfect for “Baby Boomer” skin that has been abused and sun damaged. It effectively penetrates the skin to minimize the appearance of fine lines, pore size and texture irregularities.

6) Retinol may increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. A sunscreen should be worn daily.

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