Dr. Oz - Advice for Aging Skin

In December 2010, Dr. Oz, television’s doctor for women’s health and beauty, did a segment called “3 Items to Look Younger.” He named 3 “mystery” ingredients in skin care products that help the skin of people over the age of 50 to look younger. The three ingredients are: Argireline, Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Azelaic Acid. We wouldn’t want to argue with him on any of these because at glo.therapeutics, we also are fans of these three “A” ingredients.
Dr. Oz said that peptides, in particular Argireline are the key to minimizing crow’s feet around the eyes. As far as AHAs, he pointed out that they work wonders on rough, dry, scaly skin. With regular use, Alpha Hydroxy Acids can also work to increase your collagen. Dr. Oz’s mystery ingredient for age spots is Azelaic acid which inhibits melanin - the culprit behind skin darkening.
Some of our favorite and most effective glo.therapeutics serums contain these very ingredients that doctors recommend. Our Super Serum has three peptides as key ingredients; one of them is Argireline. Our Renew Serum and Retinol CS both contain active percentages of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and both the Lightening and Brightening Serums have Azelaic Acid in them!
There is no mystery about it, glo.therapeutics has it all for making skin over 50 look younger!

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