Love from London!

Thanks to fellow blogger LondOnTheInside for the "glo-ing" review of our new Vitamin C glo.therapeutics facial! Here is what they have to say:
"The 60 minute, 12 step facial uses a collection of vitamin C serums to transform a tired complexion into a bright, youthful, glowing appearance. There were plenty of massages - the neck, shoulders, face and hands, exfoliation and lots and lots of lovely products....

"That was a week ago and we are happy to report that our skin is still dimple free and looking plump and fresh. We’d certainly recommend the glotherapeutics vitamin C facial - we for one are sure we’ll return…"

Read the entire post here.

Learn more about glo.therapeutics Vitamin C products and benefits on! You can order product on or visit your favorite glo retailer.

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