Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Merchandising Tips: Getting the Most from your Retail Space

When was the last time you looked at your retail space with a fresh eye? How and where your products are showcased makes a huge difference in whether or not your customers are purchasing take-home products. A few things to critically examine in your retail area:
glominerals lip gloss POP
  • Are your glōtherapeutics products easily visible? They should be positioned where they are impossible to ignore.
  • Are your testers current and clean? Containers should be cleaned on a regular basis.

  • Check out your glōminerals display. Are there missing testers? Are the powders cracked and messy? Displays should tempt customers to try the makeup. They won't be tempted by a display that looks as if hundreds of hands have been handling the makeup: keep it as pristine as possible.

  • Take advantage of our Point of Purchase displays (ex. right: gloGloss POP display): how often do you add a product to your basket because it is displayed near the register? A few more lip glosses or lipsticks every day adds up!

Look around your retail space as if walking inside for the first time. Would you be tempted to buy?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Beat the summer heat with fresh fall goodies from glominerals!

If you're looking for something fun and new to get your mind off the dog days of summer, check our our cool, refreshing new collection of glominerals!

Earthy and glamorous all at once, additions include intriguing new shades and up-to-the-minute beauty essentials.

First up, our limited edition gloReflection kit combines our two newest eye shadow shades, silver mist and linen, plus two of the most smolderingly gorgeous colors in the line, mermaid and sable. Lips are treated to a full-size of our newest liquid lips shade - luna, plus the versatile (and aptly named!) autumn gloPrecision lip pencil. B
etter yet, all this can be yours for just $47 - that's a 28% savings!

In addition to being featured in our fall collection kit, both new eye shadow shades are available individually, as is the all-new liquid lips in luna.

For glo-on-the-go, you'll be ready for anything with the addition of a retractable ultra brush to our amazing tools collection. Our most popular base brush is now available in this superconvenient retractable travel version, keeping your brush clean and protected.

Last but definitely not least - and a new cult favorite amongst us glo staffers - is the gloLip ritual.

Lavish your lips with the pure essential oils of anise, clove, peppermint and thyme while jojoba esters and natural apricot kernel oil condition chapped lips and impart moisture. Slide on this sheer silky treatment and surrender to what will become your lips' daily renewal: the all new gloLip ritual from glominerals.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Get Relief from Redness, says In Style

Banish skin redness on days you spent a little too much time soaking up the sun.

"Conceal and heal the burn with gloRedness relief powder," says InStyle's Summer Skincare feature.

gloRedness relief powder contains soothing ingredients for red, irritated and rosacea-prone skin like caffeine, licorice and green tea extract.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Annoint Yourself

Extremely dry, undernourished skin can be a thing of the past with our naturally derived oil. gloNourishing Oil's unscented, soothing formula contains conditioning and nourishing actives to restore nutrients and hydrate skin, leaving it silky smooth and strengthened.

Recently seen in Cue magazine in the Lusterphile section! What they're saying:

"Applied nightly after cleansing, gloNourishing Oil hydrates with an emollient called squalene, protects against environmental damage with pomegranate and delivers nutrients to the skin with red tea."

A key ingredient in the Nourishing Oil is Squalane.
Found in olives, palm, wheat germ oil and rice bran, squalane is a major component of human skin surface lipids (or oils). Squalane helps to keep our skin soft and healthy and its antioxidant capabilities help to protect from the harsh effects of the environment. Because Squalane is easily absorbed, it penetrates the cell membranes and plays a versatile role as an antioxidant in the cells of the body's organs. It is a great lubricant, emollient and moisturizer, better than mineral oil, and helps guard against UV radiation. Squalane dissolves in the skin lipids, facilitating the permeation of the active ingredients; it also prevents the loss of water from the skin, improving skin appearance and its health.

Summer Skincare

Now that summer's officially arrived, be sure to keep your skin looking its glo-ing best with our top summer glotherapeutics picks -- all under $35!

1. glōDaily Defense SPF30+ :: $30
A lightly tinted broad spectrum protector that easily applies daily and has a smooth finish.

2. gloPumpkin Enzyme Scrub :: $30
Keep your complexion fresh and radiant by exfoliating several times a week with this luxurious scrub.

3. gloSoothing Gel Mask :: $32
In case you accidentally get too much sun, vitamin E and antioxidants work to heal and soothe.

4. glōClear Complexion Pads :: $34
Easy application pads contain active ingredients to gently break down excess sebum, immediately balance oily skin and help prevent growth of p.acne bacteria.

5. glōRefreshing Mist :: $14

Keep your cool while lounging poolside or stash in fridge for an extra refreshing mist.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Beauty, Inspired by Samantha

Last but certainly not the least in our collection of SATC2-inspired looks, we have sassy Samantha to take us into the weekend. When you like to show off a little skin like she does, glominerals makeup and glotherapeutics skincare products help keep skin gorgeously glo-ing day or night.

TODAY only, pick up gloSheer lip stick in aruba (featured below) FREE with any purchase with promo code GLOFREEBIEFRIDAY. Follow @gloskincare on Twitter for more deals!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More SATC2 Looks & Essentials!

If you've already seen SATC2 (twice!), you know how glam the ladies looked throughout their exotic adventure. We showed you what glo goodies we thought Carrie would have check out our Charlotte and Miranda-inspired looks!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What to do with Hydration Mist Canister?

If you're anything like me, the gloMoist Hydration mist is a staple of the morning makeup routine, especially in the summer! This morning I am pretty sure I finished off my first container of the year and I got to thinking about some cool ways to reuse the spritzer. I came up with several ideas and I'm wondering if any glo makeup mavens out there have additional ways they reuse them! Here are mine:

--Fill it with water to use as a spritzer at the pool (beach, for you lucky coastal people!).
--Use it as a plant mister.
--Use it for a mister when ironing clothes.
--Fill it with water and keep it in the fridge to cool off the skin after really hot days of yard work.
--Try it out as a travel-size container for: hair spray on-the-go, travel bug spray, travel hair scrunching gel, travel-anything-you-need-a-sprayer-for! Create some cute labels or use stickers so you don't accidentally put hairspray on your arms and legs though!

If you have other ways you've reused this versatile container, share in the comments section!
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