Liquid foundations and oil-free moisturizers - Questions from our customers!

While we recommend consulting a glo skincare professional to find your flawless foundation match, we recognize that that is not always convenient for our customers. When that's the case, we often get questions like the one below from Cindy.

Cindy emailed us,: "I have already purchased Pressed Base in natural light for my daughter, but I prefer the liquid and I'm a shade darker... and was just wanting to try it (Protective Liquid Foundation) to feel its texture and to see what the colors REALLY look like. She also has extremely dehydrated skin and I wanted to get her a good oil-free moisturizer for the night. Any recommendations on either one would be great!"

This one was easy for me to answer because I love our Protective Liquid Foundation - Satin II! I wear one shade lighter in it than I would in Pressed Base (I wear golden medium Pressed Base and golden light Protective Liquid Foundation). It gives very full coverage which can make it trickier to apply but my favorite tip that our makeup artist Kate just showed me is to whip a little bit of Protective Liquid Foundation with a bit of Sheer Tint Illuminator using the Texture Brush then brush onto skin. It gives the prettiest, smoothest coverage! A lighter coverage option is our Sheer Tint Base formulation - its coverage is much sheerer and the finish is dewier.

For Cindy's daughter (and others with dehydrated, breakout-prone skin) we've got some fabulous moisturizers. My skin out here in Denver can get dry but I also get breakouts from time to time and I wear our Oil Free Moisturizer morning and night. It's light but does the trick for me. Purifying Oil Control Emulsion, Pure Hydration and B5 Hydration are great products as well to balance and hydrate the skin without adding a heavy moisturizer.

Nothing can replace experiencing glo products for yourself but I hope this helps those like Cindy and her daughter who have a question or two about our products!