Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shannon's Skin Transformation - Part Two!

  • Last week we introduced Shannon and her skin concerns including breakouts, congestion, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, uneven tone and texture and oiliness (read the post here!) and this week we're revealing the professional treatments that (paired with her new-and-improved home care routine) created gorgeous results.

  • Shannon's first treatment was January 11 - Kristin, our National Educator and glo therapeutics Product Development guru used 4 layers of Alpha Beta 17%. This achieved light sloughing of the skin.

  • Next, on February 9, Kristin used Enzyme, 1 layer of Alpha Beta 17% and 1 layer of Retinol CS.

  • Shannon's third treatment was the strongest - Kristin used Brightening Polish, 2 layers of Alpha Beta 17%, Triple Action Serum and 1 layer of TCA 15%. Kristin then applied a second layer of TCA 15% to Shannon's forehead and areas with hyperpigmentation. This achieved frosting and a week of peeling skin.

After the third peel, Shannon added Repair Complex to her home care routine to aid in her skin's recovery.

The results are absolutely stunning. We've included before and after pictures of Shannon with bare skin, but next week we'll show you her beautiful glo minerals award-winning mineral makeup makeover!
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