Shannon's Skin Transformation - What She Says (Part One)

glo Professional would like to thank Shannon for lending us her time (and face!) in order to demonstrate the transforming power of glo therapeutics. Her results are beautiful, and she's been kind enough to share her perspective on the process. Here's what she had to say about her skin before we started working with her:

"I have always felt I took fairly good care of my skin growing up. I washed my face every morning and night, and I always took my makeup off before going to bed. But the one thing I was really bad at was protecting my skin."

"I loved being outdoors, whether it was water skiing, sunbathing, fishing, running, snowboarding--you name it--I would much rather be playing in the sunshine than anywhere else.I very rarely wore sunscreen and unfortunately, my skin paid the price."

"I remember my mom telling me in high school after she
had tried (unsuccessfully) to encourage me to wear sunscreen, "You'll be sorry." She was right. It wasn't long before I started to develop dark patches across my forehead, cheeks and upper lip area. My skin tone was uneven and very dehydrated as well. "

"Over the years I have searched for products that I read would help, but I would never stay with one brand very long before moving onto the next. The various products I used were not giving me the results that I was looking for. Some of them smelled really nice, but they were too gentle on my skin, so there were little or no results. Others were far too astringent and they dried my face out."

"Out of frustration, I finally just accepted my skin for the way it was and instead, I spent a lot of time using illuminators and foundation to cover up the years of damage. So you can only imagine how excited
I was to be part of glo's Skin Transformation!"

"On the first day Kristin took pictures of my face and it was terrifying! I knew my skin wasn't in the best of shape but wow. I couldn't wait to get started!"

We were excited to get started too!

In case you missed the previous posts, check out her treatment plan and skin care routine here:

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