Choosing the right retinol serum: Tretinol 0.5%

glo therapeutics has three fantastic serums that harness the skin-transforming power of retinol. In three blog posts we'll dive into the nitty gritty details about the retinol serums including the way they feel on the skin and what skin types each serum is best suited for.

Tretinol 0.5% (1 oz//$60.00)
Tretinol 0.5% is an anhydrous retinol and antioxidant serum. It smooths the skin, reduces wrinkles and reduces hyperpigmentation creating a beautiful, luminous complexion.

Key ingredients: All-Trans-Retinol is the key ingredient in Tretinol 0.5%. It very efficiently converts to Retinoic Acid in the skin so that more of it is absorbed. Since it is in an anyhdrous base, it is very stable. Both All-Trans-Retinol and the anhydrous delivery system are patented. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are strong antioxidants which brighten and protect the skin.

Feeling: Experiencing this product is believing! Tretinol 0.5% applies like velvet and immediately smooths the surface of the skin.

Notes: This is a strong product and skin sloughing is not unusual even after using it once or twice. Its potency makes it a great rejuvenation treatment for sluggish skin or a great prep for a chemical exfoliation treatment.

Directions: Apply in the evening on clean skin. Start by using Tretinol 0.5% twice a week and increase as tolerated. For skin that can't tolerate use more than twice a week (or even less) occasional use is still beneficial.

Recommended for: All but oily skin and sensitive skin.

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