Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to: Camouflage Rosacea

Rosacea is a relatively common skin condition that causes uneven red and pink tones in the skin. Here, we share our expert's tips for camouflaging--plus before and after photos! Our goal is to neutralize redness by using clinical camouflage techniques to even skin tone. Begin glo mineral makeup application after cleansing. For dry skin with rosacea try Conditioning Milk Cleanser. For oilier rosacea skin the Salicylic Acid in Purifying Gel Cleanser and Acne Cleanser can be very helpful. Use healing skincare products like Peptide+ Defense to nourish and calm skin.

STEP 1: Neutralize
Use the mint shade from the Corrective Camouflage Kit to neutralize extreme red and pink tones.
Recommended Tools: Camouflage Brush, Precision Camouflage Brush

STEP 2: Blend
Blend the mint with the neutral tone from the Corrective Camoulfage Kit or beige Camouflage Oil-Free concealer.
Recommended Tools: Camouflage Brush, Precision Camouflage Brush

STEP 3: Dust
Lightly dust the face with Redness Relief Powder before foundation application.
Recommended Tools: Ultra Brush, Powder Brush

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