Pretty, pretty prom makeup!

My how we love before and after mineral makeup photos! Dy Jackson Artistry in Potomac Falls, Virginia posted these on the glo minerals Facebook page but we wanted to share them here as well! Prom makeup is fresh, fun, colorful and in this case, flawlessly camouflages an allergic reaction the client had to trees her backyard.

(Above) Before: "Client had [an] allergic reaction to trees in her backyard," Dy Jackson Artistry said, but "no worries. glo [minerals] Under-Eye Concealer did the job!"

(Above) After: Dy Jackson Artistry used glo minerals Pressed Base in golden medium, Under-Eye Concealer in beige, Precision Lip Pencil in natural, Lipstick in blush and Gloss in nude.

(Above) After: Pretty, pretty prom makeup: We love Dy Jackson Artistry's fun, colorful look for this lovely lady's prom night!

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