Fall: Revamping your Skincare Routine

Lip Ritual (above) keeps lips lovely even when cold, dry weather comes.

As we all know, the color of the leaves is not the only thing that changes during September. Weather shifts often mean skin shifts since environment has a significant influence on our skin’s needs. That means the cleanser you loved during the summer might not be as effective once colder temperatures roll around. So here are some things to keep in mind to keep your skin glo-ing all year long.

Rethink your Skin Type
Before you begin to revamp your skincare routine, take stock of your skin’s current needs. Those with oily skin during the summer might notice smaller pores, and those with normal skin might notice flakes and tightness. This is because warmer temps cause your skin to increase oil production which subsides as the heat does.

Adjust your Cleanser
After you determine what type of products you should use, consider adjusting your cleanser. While oil-absorbing cleansers are a must during the heat, they can be too drying during the cold. You may want to try Conditioning Milk Cleanser or glo's new Hydrating Gel Cleanser which are full of conditioning and antioxidant ingredients.

Moisturize Daily
This is a time when moisturizing your skin daily is more important than ever because your skin’s natural protection (think natural oils) are in short supply.

Switch to a Richer Moisturizer
Speaking of moisture, think about switching from your summer lotion to something richer like Restorative Cream or Moisture Rich Cream (for very dry skin types). Rich creams are typically thicker in consistency and are infused with oil, which means they provide more protection for skin in dry climates.

Protect your Lips
No one likes the look and feel of chapped lips and though licking them is a natural instinct, it actually makes them dryer. So invest in a new lip balm like Lip Ritual. It’s full of pure essential oils like peppermint, clove, and thyme to keep your lips supple and smooth.

Continue to use Sun Protection
Just because you’ve switched from sundresses to sweaters does not mean the sun has stopped shining. UVA and UVB rays still have their sights set on your skin so make Daily Defense SPF30+ a staple. 

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