Top Ten Skin Sins: Forgetting to Clean your Cell Phone

Now that digital technology is an essential of modern life, many people carry their cell phones with them at all-times for fear of missing an office update, family announcement, or the latest viral video. But despite the importance of these small, sleek devices, these same people often forget to clean them, which is bad news for your skin.

Consider how cell phones are a magnet for bacteria; they come into contact with a variety of surfaces on a daily basis and then are placed near your mouth causing heat, friction, and blocked pores. Overtime, these conditions create the perfect foundation for a breakout that is often attributed to other factors like hormones or stress.

So how can you tell if your cell phone is encroaching on your complexion? It’s simple; check the side of your face where you normally use your cell phone and look for signs of irritation along your ear, cheek, and jaw-line. In younger adults, it’s normal for irritation to take the form of blackheads and whiteheads, while cyst-like bumps are more common amongst the mature crowd.

To get rid of them, invest in products that contain salicylic acid, sodium chlorite, and antioxidants to effectively remove bacteria and oil from pores. And don’t forget to clean your cell phone with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide at least once a week! 

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