Top Ten Skin Sins: Ignoring your Neck, Chest, and Shoulders

When it comes to skincare, many women focus on putting their best face forward, that is, cleansing, toning and moisturizing daily and treating skin concerns. Unfortunately the jaw line is often where the TLC ends. But since the skin along your neck, chest, and shoulders is just as thin as the skin on your face, it is vulnerable to the same hazards (ahem, sun damage), and deserves the same attention. So when boosting your body skincare regimen beyond the requisite bar of soap, keep these goals in mind:

Preventing Sun Damage
As you enjoy these last days of summer, remember that warm weather fashions are cut to flaunt the skin, not conceal it, meaning your chest, neck, and shoulders are often left defenseless against the sun. So in order to keep these areas freckle, age-spot, and burn free, always apply an adequate amount of sunscreen before heading out. And don’t worry about clogging your pores or having your skin appear oily: glo therapeutics Protecting Powder SPF 30 provides dust-on protection.

Removing Impurities
Blemishes can crop up anywhere on the body where skin becomes irritated from contact with rough surfaces such as clothing. For example, ever notice how your collarbone or wrists might itch after trying on a wool sweater? Add this to the fact that fabric traps sweat and oil to the body and you’ll understand how body breakouts can come about. As a result, extend the use of your Purifying Gel Cleanser down to your neck and décolleté for blemish-free pores.

Building Collagen
Collagen is a protein-based connective tissue that supports the various layers of skin. As we age, it begins to breakdown causing the skin to lose its firmness. While we like to think sagging skin is limited to the eyes it chin, it extends to every area of the body. So for a truly youthful appearance, find ways to add antioxidants to your skin like Vitamin C Serum, to increase collagen production. 

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