Top Ten Skin Sins: Picking at your Blemishes

No one likes waking up to a zit; and now that it’s common for acne to persist decades beyond the teenage years, it seems like more of us are. So what’s your first instinct when confronted with a white or black-headed monster? Well if you’re like most women, it’s to take matters into your own hands and pop it.

Even though most of us know better, picking at our blemishes is a popular method of treating acne because of its immediate results. Because truth, be told, who wants to wait around for days for a treatment to take effect when the date/event/presentation is only hours away? Well if you understood picking’s possible effects—and valued the long-term appearance of your skin—it would be clear that waiting is the best option.

Acne is the result of oil, bacteria, and dead cells becoming trapped within the skin’s pores. Overtime, this accumulation of buildup causes whiteheads, blackheads, papules (raised areas of skin), postules (pimples), cysts, and nodules. Nodules are the most difficult to treat because they are dense lesions located deep within the skin. For that reason, if you were to place pressure on these sensitive areas, you risk:

So how do you effectively banish breakouts without harming the integrity of your skin?

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