Fall Ingredients: Apple Enzyme

A steaming cup of hot apple cider is a sweet treat for many on chilly fall days. What may be a guilty pleasure in a drink is anything but for your skin. In fact, apples are chock-full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that work in skincare products to help nurture and reveal your beauty. 

Apple enzyme is a fantastic ingredient in skin care because it is rich in amino acids, which are essential to the structure of the skin and to the production of collagen. Collagen is the substance that gives skin its structure, but starts to decline as we age, making enzymes a vital tool in the fight against fine lines and wrinkles. Apple enzyme is also helpful in locking in your skin’s moisture, which can be the first thing to go when treating acne blemishes.

Many acne products are notorious for drying out the skin since they tend to remove a majority of the skin’s natural oils instead of leaving it balanced. But no need to worry with glo therapeutics Clear Acne Cleanser. Its mild formula takes advantage of apple enzyme’s hydrating properties while salicylic acid and scrubbing beads smooth your skin’s texture. Who is ready for an apple?

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