Fall Ingredients: Mulberry Bark Extract

In seasonal pies, mulberry's just-so-sweet, just-so-tart flavor is a favorite, but that's not all this plant brings to the table. In skincare, mulberry—specifically mulberry bark extract—acts as a natural botanical skin brightener. So if one of your skin concerns is hyperpigmentation (often caused by sun-damage or aging), look for products that include this ingredient. One of our top-selling serums, glo therapeutics Retinol CS, harnesses the skin-brightening properties of Mulberry. Give it a try to see what this berry plant can do for your skin!

Retinol CS also minimizes the appearance of fine lines, pores, and texture irregularities with Retinol (click here for more Retinol-containing skin care products from glo) and Glycolic Acid. To use, apply the serum at night 2-5 times per week then follow up with sunscreen in the morning since retinol may increase sun sensitivity. 

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