glo minerals Photo Shoot!

Lights, cameras, talent and gorgeous makeup came together for a fabulous day in the studio at glo HQ in Denver, CO yesterday! Here is a sneak peek of some of the behind-the-scenes action.

 Above: From left to right Amy, Cat, Rebecca and glo makeup artist Kate McCarthy review photos while Brigitte poses with a look from  Spring 2012's gorgeous color palette. 

 Above: Kate gives glo's own Joy a high-fashion look we are obsessed with.

  Above: Flawless, glowing skin is a glo minerals signature.

   Above: Lovely lips - Kate uses the Lip Brush for subtle, beautiful color to compliment her daring eye look.

    Above: Finishing touches before Joy heads to the set!

    Above: On set, Kate uses the Dual Foundation Brush between photos.

     Above: Blush for Brigitte!

     Above: We are obsessed with these eyes! All we need is the right occasion...

      Above: 'Twiggy' takes on a whole new meaning as Rebecca and Kate add some natural accents to Brigitte's hair.

     Above: Kate is so very talented! It was a treat to spend the day with such an artist!

Above: Bold, red and beautiful. Kate's first look of the day on Cynthia - Simply stunning.

     Above: glo minerals Blush to finish Kate's second oh-so-bold look on Cynthia. We love the dramatic eyes paired with the neutral lip. 

      Above: Teamwork! Rebecca styles Cynthia's hair while Kate creates her high fashion looks.

     Above: What a day! We can't wait to share the photos from the shoot!

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