Beauty Resolutions

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It's that time of year again when people start reevaluating their lifestyle habits and setting new goals for the months to come like growing their pocketbooks and shrinking their pocket-sizes. But finances and fitness aren't the only things that could use a makeover.

From the moment you started experimenting with mommy's makeup, to the moment you matured and lost a lipstick to a child of your own, chances are you picked up some makeup or skincare habits that need to be broken as well.

So while you're thinking of your list on the night the ball drops, consider adding a few of our top ten beauty resolutions.

In 2012, we promise to….

1.Always wear sunscreen, regardless of weather

2.Never pick at blemishes

3.Make sure the color of our faces match the color of our necks

4.Trade clear gloss for a bright bold lip every once in a while

5.Treat ourselves to a spa service like a wax or chemical peel

6.Always cleanse our skin before bed—no exceptions!

7.Sleep more, exercise more, and drink more water

8.Use eye cream

9.Pay more attention to our hands, neck and shoulders.

10.Choose a bronzer or highlighter over tanning

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