The Brightest New Year's Eve Trends

Chinese Latern
Have you thought about how you're going to usher in love, happiness, and prosperity this New Year's Eve? Maybe it's by eating twelve grapes at midnight à la Spain, or watching the ball drop in New York/your living room. Or maybe, it's by adding a pop of color to your ensemble that has a special symbolic meaning like people in China, Venezuela, and the Philippines. We just love how these countries around the world have found bright ways to show their local pride—and create a bit of luck.

Seeing Red in China
From crimson to burgundy, red is the color of choice for many Chinese who are deeply attached to its association with courage, loyalty, honor, success, fertility, happiness, and passion. With so many positive meanings, we might be seeing red ourselves!

Spot on in the Philippines
In this hot and humid Southeast Asian country, there is a longstanding belief that circles attract money and fortune so what better way to ward off poverty than by wearing polka dots?

Feeling Optimistic in Ecuador & Venezuela
On New Year's Eve, people in these Latin American countries love to look sun-drenched in shades of yellow that symbolize fertility and abundance. Yellow also happens to be a dominant color in their national flags.

What color will you be wearing?

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