How to Pick the Perfect Gift

Everyone knows that gift-giving during the holiday season can be overwhelming when it comes to the makeup mavens in your life. Because while you may be an expert in choosing the latest glistening products for yourself, finding a gift that perfectly fits the needs, tastes, and color preferences of your friends and family is often a different story. Don't give up. Keep these tips and mind and we're sure you'll be able to find something that will make your loved ones' eyes light up.We've even made it easier by creating a gift-guide that covers just about everyone on your list.

DO: Pick Something Fun
Practical gifts are nice, but why choose an unscented moisturizer, when you can choose something fun like honey sugar butter Body Butter?

DO: Have Options
The reason that kits are so popular around the holidays is because they are loaded with great products that give your loved one the option to create any look her heart desires. So invest in a kit for months of colorful creativity.

DO: Spoil Them
Now's the perfect time to pick up that Alloy Eyes Collection your friend has had her eye on or choose a luxe serum to make her skin glow.

DO: Let Her Choose for Herself

Sometimes the best option is to put the purchasing power in your loved ones' hands by buying an electronic gift card to use on whatever catches her eye.

DON'T: Pick Something Skin-tone or Skin-type Specific
Unless you know for a fact your loved one's skin tone or skin concerns, it's probably best to shy away from giving foundations or specialty-products to avoid waste or exchange hassles.

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