Thursday, June 30, 2011

My oh my Mila Eyes (get the look!)

We oooo and ahhh over Mila Kunis' stunning look just about every time she graces the red carpet so we decided to channel her lovely, smoky oh-so-sultry look for ourselves! Check out the step-by-step DIY by glo minerals makeup artist Kate below for everything you need to make my-oh-my Mila Kunis eyes your own using the all-new Alloy Eyes Collection (Available July 1, 2011 on

Step 1: Prep eyes with Lid Primer to create an even canvas for shadow. Use the Eye Base Brush to apply the lightest shade from the Alloy Eyes Collection from lash line to brow.

Step 2: Press your favorite deep charcoal shade from the Alloy Eyes Collection onto the lid and into the crease using the Eye Blender Brush.

Step 3: Define eyes by lining the upper and lower lash lines with Precision Eye Pencil in black. Next generously apply Water Resistant Mascara to top and bottom lashes.

Beautiful! Thanks to Kate for creating this beautiful (and very Mila) look!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shannon's Skin Transformation - What She Says (Part One)

glo Professional would like to thank Shannon for lending us her time (and face!) in order to demonstrate the transforming power of glo therapeutics. Her results are beautiful, and she's been kind enough to share her perspective on the process. Here's what she had to say about her skin before we started working with her:

"I have always felt I took fairly good care of my skin growing up. I washed my face every morning and night, and I always took my makeup off before going to bed. But the one thing I was really bad at was protecting my skin."

"I loved being outdoors, whether it was water skiing, sunbathing, fishing, running, snowboarding--you name it--I would much rather be playing in the sunshine than anywhere else.I very rarely wore sunscreen and unfortunately, my skin paid the price."

"I remember my mom telling me in high school after she
had tried (unsuccessfully) to encourage me to wear sunscreen, "You'll be sorry." She was right. It wasn't long before I started to develop dark patches across my forehead, cheeks and upper lip area. My skin tone was uneven and very dehydrated as well. "

"Over the years I have searched for products that I read would help, but I would never stay with one brand very long before moving onto the next. The various products I used were not giving me the results that I was looking for. Some of them smelled really nice, but they were too gentle on my skin, so there were little or no results. Others were far too astringent and they dried my face out."

"Out of frustration, I finally just accepted my skin for the way it was and instead, I spent a lot of time using illuminators and foundation to cover up the years of damage. So you can only imagine how excited
I was to be part of glo's Skin Transformation!"

"On the first day Kristin took pictures of my face and it was terrifying! I knew my skin wasn't in the best of shape but wow. I couldn't wait to get started!"

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lightening Melasma - Thanks for sharing, Ashley!

We love to hear about your experiences using gloProfessional products whether you share them via email (, Facebook, Twitter, or write a review on our website! After all, who doesn't like to hear something nice about themselves?

Today, we want to highlight a review that Ashley from Washington recently submitted. Like many other people, Ashley was searching for a product to lighten melasma and hyperpigmentation-- and she found it in glo therapeutics Lightening Serum!
"This product [Lightening Serum] is amazing. It really lightened my melasma after about a month. I only use it once per day, as my skin would not tolerate it twice per day. Also, after letting it sit on my skin for a while, I applied moisturizer directly over it (with SPF). It is really important to wear SPF with this product, and after you are done lightening your skin or else your melasma or hyperpigmentation will just come right back!"
We're glad you've had success using Lightening Serum to lighten melasma! And we agree SPF, SPF, SPF - it's SO important in protecting skin, avoiding hyperpigmentation and slowing signs of aging. Thanks for sharing with us Ashley!

glo in Los Angeles!

Last week gloProfessional traveled to Los Angeles for a fabulous west-coast fall pre-launch party featuring three of our favorite things: makeovers, cupcakes, and celebrities!

(Above): Celebrity makeup artist Juliana Landis in action creating gorgeous glo minerals makeovers.

(Above): Krista showing beautiful actress Bai Ling the Alloy Eyes Kit (coming soon!)

(Above): Excited for a day of award-winning mineral makeup and skincare.

(Above): glo minerals makeup artist Jenny Van Tuinen setting up for a day of beautiful glo minerals makeovers.

(Above): Taking a break from the makeup mayhem with some cupcakes!

While glo was in the city, Jenny also stopped by to film a fall look makeover with Dermstore. She used the oh so exciting Alloy Eyes Kit to create the stunning look.

(Above): Prepping for the shoot - Jenny defining those eyes!
(Above):On set! A great trip to Los Angeles. Thanks to everyone involved.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shannon's Skin Transformation - Part Three!

After three professional treatments (read just which glo exfoliants Kristin used and how she used them here) Shannon's skin is aglow! Her last professional treatment was April 4th so we brought her in a few weeks later for a glam glo minerals makeover. (We couldn't resist taking pictures of her gorgeous transformation!) Our professional makeup artist gave Shannon a pretty, summer-ready look. Check out what she used here:

All we have to say is, so-long dull, problematic skin and hello ooh-la-la-beautiful! Thanks, Shannon for letting us be a part of your beautiful skin transformation!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shannon's Skin Transformation - Part Two!

  • Last week we introduced Shannon and her skin concerns including breakouts, congestion, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, uneven tone and texture and oiliness (read the post here!) and this week we're revealing the professional treatments that (paired with her new-and-improved home care routine) created gorgeous results.

  • Shannon's first treatment was January 11 - Kristin, our National Educator and glo therapeutics Product Development guru used 4 layers of Alpha Beta 17%. This achieved light sloughing of the skin.

  • Next, on February 9, Kristin used Enzyme, 1 layer of Alpha Beta 17% and 1 layer of Retinol CS.

  • Shannon's third treatment was the strongest - Kristin used Brightening Polish, 2 layers of Alpha Beta 17%, Triple Action Serum and 1 layer of TCA 15%. Kristin then applied a second layer of TCA 15% to Shannon's forehead and areas with hyperpigmentation. This achieved frosting and a week of peeling skin.

After the third peel, Shannon added Repair Complex to her home care routine to aid in her skin's recovery.

The results are absolutely stunning. We've included before and after pictures of Shannon with bare skin, but next week we'll show you her beautiful glo minerals award-winning mineral makeup makeover!

Acne-Awareness Month: Let's clear that up...

June is Acne-Awareness month (though let's be honest, we'd all like to erase acne from every face on earth!) so we're taking your questions about the skin concern and helping you on the path to clear skin. We had two questions on the gloProfessional Facebook page that our National Educator and glo therapeutics Product Development guru tackled, but we thought we'd share them here too, in case you missed them!

Haylee asked: "Just wondering if your Clear Skin Kit would dry out normal/dry skin types? My skin is in this bracket but it's also prone to breakouts so it's hard to find something that isn't too drying but also does the job."

We answered: If your skin is "normal" and you have occasional breakouts, then they are probably hormonal. Are they primarily around your chin? For this type of problem it's better to use products that are recommended for combination skin such as our Purifying products. We recommend that you use the Clear Anti-Blemish Cleanser and Anti-Blemish Treatment during the monthly breakouts and then discontinue use when your skin settles down. This will prevent you from getting too dried out."

Brenda asked: "Which is better, Purifying products or Clear products? I have sensitive skin and moderate acne which seems to get worse with more products I use, especially acne medications."

We answered: You may be over-drying your skin. That could account for some of the sensitivity. Overuse of some ingredients can actually worsen skin. Start with the Purifying products and see if they balance you out. Remember to hydrate the skin daily with Oil Control Emulsion - it's important to do this so the skin doesn't overcompensate for the dry surface by producing more oil. Once you have used these products for awhile, you can step up your treatment (if needed) by adding the Clear Complexion Pads or the Anti-Blemish Treatment as a spot treatment for blemishes."

We hope that helps not just Haylee and Brenda but anyone else with similar questions, too! Of course, if you're working on improving your skincare routine but you want to fake flawless instantly, check out our award-winning mineral makeup, glo minerals. It nourishes and protects while providing blemish-who?-beautiful skin. That's a clear skin match made in heaven!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Liquid foundations and oil-free moisturizers - Questions from our customers!

While we recommend consulting a glo skincare professional to find your flawless foundation match, we recognize that that is not always convenient for our customers. When that's the case, we often get questions like the one below from Cindy.

Cindy emailed us,: "I have already purchased Pressed Base in natural light for my daughter, but I prefer the liquid and I'm a shade darker... and was just wanting to try it (Protective Liquid Foundation) to feel its texture and to see what the colors REALLY look like. She also has extremely dehydrated skin and I wanted to get her a good oil-free moisturizer for the night. Any recommendations on either one would be great!"

This one was easy for me to answer because I love our Protective Liquid Foundation - Satin II! I wear one shade lighter in it than I would in Pressed Base (I wear golden medium Pressed Base and golden light Protective Liquid Foundation). It gives very full coverage which can make it trickier to apply but my favorite tip that our makeup artist Kate just showed me is to whip a little bit of Protective Liquid Foundation with a bit of Sheer Tint Illuminator using the Texture Brush then brush onto skin. It gives the prettiest, smoothest coverage! A lighter coverage option is our Sheer Tint Base formulation - its coverage is much sheerer and the finish is dewier.

For Cindy's daughter (and others with dehydrated, breakout-prone skin) we've got some fabulous moisturizers. My skin out here in Denver can get dry but I also get breakouts from time to time and I wear our Oil Free Moisturizer morning and night. It's light but does the trick for me. Purifying Oil Control Emulsion, Pure Hydration and B5 Hydration are great products as well to balance and hydrate the skin without adding a heavy moisturizer.

Nothing can replace experiencing glo products for yourself but I hope this helps those like Cindy and her daughter who have a question or two about our products!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Meet Shannon + See her skin transformation!

One of the things we love best at glo is being a part of beautiful skin transformations. This month, we are bringing you a series of posts (and before and after photos!) of our friend Shannon Toay. She's a teacher in her late 30s living in Denver, CO (where glo HQ is located). Shannon loves the outdoors and leads an active, generally healthy lifestyle but (like most of us) had some skin concerns including breakouts, congestion, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, uneven tone and texture, dehydration and oiliness.
We set to work to overhaul Shannon's skin care routine and transform her skin. Thank you, Shannon for lending us your time and for sharing your wonderful glo story!

Here's a little more about Shannon's lifestyle and skin care regimen before we met her:

  • Shannon wasn't vigilant about sun protection but knew her makeup had some SPF.

  • Used drugstore brand cleansers and makeup.

  • Only drank one glass of water a day - drank coffee and diet soda throughout the day.

  • She's a healthy eater! Lots of fruits and vegetables.

  • No previous peels - one past microdermabrasion.

Shannon's skin concerns were: breakouts, congestion, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, uneven tone and texture, dehydration and oiliness.

THE PLAN: Right away we swapped Shannon's drugstore brand skincare and makeup for a great lineup of glo therapeutics and glo minerals. The regiment below was designed to address Shannon's skin concerns and also to prepare her skin for a series of chemical exfoliation treatments.

glo Home Care Routine:

  1. Purifying Gel Cleanser

  2. Purifying Tonic

  3. Pure Hydration

  4. Oil Free Moisturizer

  5. Eye Restore

  6. Oil Free SPF 40+

  7. Triple Action Serum* (p.m. application)

  8. Brightening Polish (twice a week)

  9. Bronze in sunkiss

  10. Moist Hydration Mist
Coming next - Shannon's professional treatment plan and results!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Picture Perfect Shutter-Happy Summer

Look beautiful behind and in front of the lens all season with these picture-perfect tricks fit for vacations, cookouts, weddings and other shutter-happy summer events.

  • Golden Hour: The best time for photos is the hour just after sunrise or just before sunset - they're called the golden hour for a reason!

  • Wise Wardrobe: Wear flattering clothes that complement your skin tone and are neither too tight nor too loose - either extreme will result in photos that don't show your best side.

  • Give a Little Lip: Apply Gloss just before a photo to add a pop of healthy color and pretty shine to lips - it highlights your smile!

  • Laugh Out Loud: When you smile, chuckle and even say "Ha ha" you will notice a difference in how genuine your smile looks in photos.

  • Body Language: Stand up straight with shoulders relaxed and elongate your neck to prevent the dreaded double chin effect.

  • Brighten Up: Summer is bright, natural beauty. Light up your face with Sheer Tint Illuminator and get a professional to match your foundation for flawless summer skin.

Plus a Summer Mix Tip: Swirl a bit of Protective Liquid Foundation - Satin II with a spritz of Moist Hydration Mist and Sheer Tint Illuminator using the Texture Brush then brush ont skin. It gives a gorgeous airbrush effect - and it's a new trick we're obsessed with!

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