Chemical Peels, Why Now's a Great Time to Get One

What is it?
A technique used by skincare professionals to improve the quality of skin. It involves applying a chemical solution containing various active ingredients like salicylic acid to remove the top layers of dead skin revealing fresh, rejuvenated cells. On one end of the spectrum are medical-grade peels that can cause sloughing or flaking closely associated with peels; and on the other end are exfoliants like glo therapeutics products that create microscopic transformations.

Who Should Get it?
Almost anyone can benefit from a peel. gloProfessional offers a variety of peels that come in different strengths and utilize different acids and enzymes to treat every skin type and concern.

Who Should Think Twice Before Getting It?
People with darker skin or who are prone to hyperpigmentation as the healing process can cause additional dark spots, and scarring. As a precaution, gloProfessional’s National Educator Kristin Walker recommends using glo therapeutics Lightening, Brightening, or Triple Action serum for several weeks before a treatment to suppress the melanocytes (pigment-producing cells)

What are the Benefits?
Improved skin texture, tone, and overall appearance. Chemical peels can be especially helpful for acneic skin, aging skin, or unevenly-pigmented skin.

When Should You Get One
Walker says, “as long as sunscreen is worn and sun is avoided, milder forms can be administered at any time of the year.” But you might want to consider saving an aggressive peel for when your skin is least likely to encounter additional environmental aggressors that can damage the new, sensitive, layers (hint hint, the winter). Also, when you can afford follow-up time to completely heal.

Where Can You Get One
Your local dermatologist’s office, day spas, or medical spas depending on the strength of the peel.Contact customer service for more details.