Hot Cross Buns

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Plenty of women out there toss their hair up in a bun only on two occasions: a formal affair, or a few hours at the gym. But in the wintertime, wrapped up strands are a perfect way to preserve your hair’s health until it’s time to let it hang long and loose again in the summer. And here’s why:

Buns protect the oldest and most fragile part of the hair fiber—the ends—from exposure to dryness and friction which could lead to breakage and shorter length overtime.

Buns, when styled with nourishing aids like glō•essentials Infinite Shine Smoothing Oil, lock in moisture all day long for a boost of hydration

Buns prevent mechanical damage from brushing, and heat damage from irons, because they don’t require either.

Still not convinced that you can rock a bun without looking like you’re going to Prom or the evil substitute teacher? Then try these tips for putting a modern spin on a classic

If your hair is long enough, ditch the hair tie altogether and use your ponytail like a rope to create a boy scout knot

Embrace your hair's natural, wavy texture, and only pull back the longest layers of your hair for a laid-back bun with loose bangs

Add a French braid to where you part your hair and continue it into a braided bun

Include a few accessories like a headband, flower, or eye-catching jeweled pin

Learn more about how our hair care line, glo essentials, can help you achieve this sleek and chic look