Out with the Old...

Period After Opening Symbol

If you're a beauty junkie like us, then there's no better way to start off the New Year than by clearing out the clutter on your bathroom shelves! That means, letting go of barely-used or expired products.

When's the last time you opened the blue bottle you keep underneath the sink? Can't remember? Then it's probably time to toss it out. We know, we know, sometimes it's hard to part with quality products you spent your hard-earned money on. But just like food, beauty products have a shelf life and the longer you keep them (as in months and years) the less likely their active ingredients are to work making them less effective anyway. So how do you know when it's time for your purple liquid eyeliner to go? Use your senses:

  1. How does it smell? If it's rancid, pungent, or sour, toss it out
  2. How does it look? If it's layered, unusually thick, or discolored, toss it out
  3. How does it feel? If it's sticky, or watery, toss it out
Another rule of thumb is to check the period after opening (aka hatbox) symbol on the back of the container. This often overlooked code gives you the approximate time period, in months, that your product should last after it's opened. Keep in mind though, that improper storage, using dirty applicators, and extreme heat or cold can accelerate the expiration date.

But, "hold on!" you say, your product is still in good shape. Then consider handing off one of your many splurges to a friend who is more likely to use a body bronzer than you are. And who knows, maybe they'll give you that new eye shadow you've been wanting to try in return.