Allergy-Proof Your Makeup

What's not to like about spring? The snow has finally melted, the trees are starting to bloom, and your killer fashion sense is no longer buried underneath layers of bulky fabric. But with all of those images of you lounging with an iced-latte under the sun swirling in your mind, it's easy to overlook springtime's biggest downside—"Sniff, sniff," sound familiar?—allergies!

All it can take is a little pollen to trigger enough itching, sneezing, and swelling to ruin your look. So you might want to stock up on antihistamines, tissues, and a few allergy-proof staples.

Prevent smudges from watery eyes with water-resistant mascara
Water-resistant mascara

Wash away pollen and dust with a gentle cleanser
Purifying Gel Cleanser

Use a moisturizer with anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce inflammation
Conditioning Restorative Cream

Camouflage redness around your nose with a hypo-allergenic powder
Redness Relief Powder

Dab on an eye cream to reduce puffiness, and dark circles
Vital Eye Cream