Product Review: Eye Restore

It helps wrinkles & puffiness, helps cover under-eye discoloration, and is make-up friendly...all these things at the same time, better than anything I've tried so far. Usually a produict will be strong in one or two areas of perfomance, so you have to layer on several things, & often that then affects the integrity of what you are using. A lot of them actually settle in the fine lines so the lines end up showing up even more, but gloEye Restore doesn't do that. I have very oily skin so eye products tend to "creep" on me, but this one stays put. I can use it both on my lids & under my eyes in daytime, & that is very unusual for me. Most lid creams make my shadow really crease. I tried this initially from a sample Dermstore sent me, & boy am I glad I did!

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