Ten Reasons Not To Tan

Before you rush to the nearest tanning salon or sandy beach to get your bronze glow in time for the warmer months, consider these facts.

1. Certain skin types are naturally sensitive to UV exposure

2. When you tan, you are essentially creating an intentional sunburn

3. Tanned skin indicates damage due to UV radiation, not health and vitality

4. Prolonged over-exposure to UV radiation can lead to premature skin aging.

5. Tanning can injure and mutate the DNA of skin cells

6. Ten minutes in a tanning bed = ten minutes under the hot Mediterranean sun (skincancer.org)

7. The commercial tanning industry is largely unregulated meaning you can miss out on "safeguards" like tanning goggles or be exposed to excessive amounts of UV radiation (fda.gov)

8. Indoor tanning equipment can emit as much UVA and UVB radiation as the sun, and sometimes more. (American Academy of Dermatology)

9. The World Health Organization has declared indoor tanning beds to be carcinogens or cancer-causing agents like tobacco.

10. Tanning increases your risk of developing melanoma, other forms of skin cancer, and eye disease (who.int)

Safe Alternatives: glo minerals Bronze, Sheer Tint Illuminator, Body Bronzer, or Body Glisten