Three Common Dark Skin Care Issues: Razor Bumps

No one likes razor bumps. They're itchy and uncomfortable and not at all what you want to look at after an ouch-worthy trip to the salon. And although almost every woman who has ever picked up a razor has gotten them at some point, African American women tend to get them the most. This is because of the way coarse hair is structured.

Unlike straight hair textures, coarse hair can curl back into the skin after it is improperly cut and grow sideways causing those familiar pin-prick spots of inflammation. It can happen anywhere on the body, but is more likely to develop in areas where hair is more abrasive like under the arms or along the bikini area. To stop them from happening, (and get rid of the ones you have), follow these tips!

Before hair removal
1.Make sure all the tools of whatever method you prefer are sanitized. That means use only clean razors, tweezers, and wooden sticks for every wax application—no double-dipping!

2. Gently exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells that could potentially block hair growth in the future.

3. Soften the skin with a warm compress to open pores and remove debris that could cause irritation

During hair removal
1. Use a moisturizing gel or cream when shaving to prevent cutting too close and protect the skin

2. Pluck hair quickly in the direction that it grows

After hair removal
Apply a moisturizing product with anti-bacterial ingredients like essential oils to soften skin, and prevent infection. (Lycon Ingrown X-It Solution or glo therapeutics Renew Serum)