Three Common Dark Skin Care Concerns: Acne

Acne is a unique skincare condition in that it affects nearly everyone. But what makes it particularly damaging to dark skin is its potential for scarring. Dark skin earns its rich pigment from melanocytes or color-producing cells located within the epidermis (outer-layer of skin). When the skin is damaged, new cells, including melanocytes, replicate to fill in any gaps that could compromise the immune system. But sometimes too many melanocytes are produced creating dark patches (hyper-pigmentation), or they aren't produced at all creating white patches (hypo-pigmentation).

To preserve the evenness of your complexion when having an outbreak, make sure to avoid picking at your blemishes, using abrasive washes, and scrubbing aggressively which can all lead to inflammation and scarring.

Instead, use mild acne-treating products that contains salicylic acid to gently clear blocked pores and see a licensed skincare professionals if more serious cases like nodules (deep acne lesions )or cysts exist.

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