How to Use Corrective Concealer

Almost everyone can benefit from using a corrective concealer at some point. It neutralizes, and conceal skin discolorations that are tough to hide using foundation alone. But present someone with a lavender paste and very few will know what to do with it. That's why we've come up with this simple guide. Evaluate your skin, grab a Camouflage Brush or Precision Camouflage Brush, and get ready to apply

Use yellow to conceal mild redness, pink skin, under-eye circles, dark spots, and black , blue and purple bruises

Use lavendar to conceal yellow, gray, and green bruises, sallow complexions, and under-eye circles on deeper skin tones.

Use mint to conceal redness from blemishes, scars, Port Wine stains, rosacea, and red blotches

Use neutral to conceal general skin imperfections, minor acne and under-eye circles

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