"No Makeup" Makeup

1.After moisturizing and cleansing your skin, apply Face Primer to fill in fine lines and large pores

2. Use a sheer-coverage foundation like Sheer Tint Base or Pressed Base to even out your skin tone without masking your natural flush

3. Cover up blemishes, scarring, hyperpigmentation, or other skin conditions with Camouflage*

4. Brighten and erase shadows using Brightener Highlight Concealer under your eyes, and the sides of your nose.

5. Highlight cheekbones and eyelids using Highlighter or Sheer Tint Illuminator

6. Finish your look with a swipe of Gloss in naked, and your choice of mascara.
*For more drastic skin discolorations like bruises, use the Corrective Camouflage Kit prior to your foundation

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