Spa Treatments of the Stars

Award season is in full swing and everyone wants to know what it took to make favorite celebrities red carpet ready. Of course there are the stylists, makeup artists, nutritionists, and personal trainers. Though you might be surprised to know it could be something a little more exotic that's giving a certain starlet her otherworldly glow. Have you heard of these unique spa treatments, and more importantly, would you try them?

24-Karat Gold Facial
Price: approximately $475
Why settle for gold earrings or a necklace when you can cover your entire face in it? Spas around the country are starting to offer facials featuring the precious metal that is said to have anti-aging properties. The gold is broken down, applied to the face like a mask, and allowed to sit so its firming and hydrating benefits can sink in.

Evian Bath
Price: approximately $5,000-$6000
For the price of a small used vehicle, you can treat yourself to a luxurious bath filled with 1,000 bottles of Evian water sprinkled with rose petals. Tennis star Serena Williams has tried it said that she "could feel the difference from the moment [she] stepped in," because "the water felt so pure." The treatment is only available to guests staying at the Penthouse.

Leech Therapy
Price: approximately $600
Do leeches sucking your blood sound like a detoxifying experience? If you're actress Demi Moore, than it does. Moore reportedly signed up for a purifying treatment that included being covered in FDA-regulated, medical leeches. The leeches are left on until they are full and fall off and are said to reduce inflammation and increase circulation.

Price: unknown
Cupping was introduced to the mainstream in 2004 when Gwyneth Paltrow walked a red carpet with mysterious circle-shaped bruises aligning her back. As it turns out, they were the result of cupping, a form of ancient Chinese acupuncture that involves igniting a cotton ball soaked in alcohol, swirling the flame in a plastic or glass cup, and quickly placing the cup on the skin. Within seconds, the skin swells as a sign of increased circulation. What the skin also does is tend to bruise and discolor post-treatment. Watch how it's done.

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