Spring Break Essentials

Planning for a trip always involves a little bit of stress. You have travel arrangements to make, work to take off, and a dog to feed in your absence. Then there is the packing, or what we like to call, the stuffing-half-of-my-closet-in-my-suitcase-so-I-can-have-options ritual. While we can't help you simplify your wardrobe (because we're still working on ours!), we can help you simplify your makeup.

Since spring break is more dressed down than dolled up, you can get away with having these five things:

Compact Foundation to quickly even out your complexion
Pressed Base

Cream Blush to brighten your face
Cream Blush

Cream Eyeliner to create a natural daylook or sultry night look
Precise Micro Liner

Mascara to add definition to your eyes
Water Resistant Mascara

Tinted Lip Balm to moisturize, and highlight your pout
Liquid Lips

Bonus: They are all TSA compatible and fit nicely in your carry on!