Monday, July 16, 2012

Kate McCarthy Guest Post: How I Travel in Style

Seeing that I travel about 3 days a week, there are a few things that have become staples in my carry-on and that I never travel without: my iPhone (can’t function with out Siri… or my music) hand sanitizer,
Perfecting Powder (with Retractable Ultra Brush), Revive Hydration mist, a good book, a light sweater or jacket, and a snack. Below are some of my tips for traveling like a star!

How-to Travel in Style
Kate's Travel Must-Haves

  • The most important thing to me while traveling is my playlist. I listen to music the second I get through security, and don’t stop until the flight attendant yells at me and then I start right back up when we reach 10,000 feet. The playlist above makes my flights…er fly by (couldn’t avoid pun)!
  • Next to the music in importance is a good book. I am currently obsessed with Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series. If only Jack were real!
  • It is also important to have some food on you at all times, if you are a picky eater or have allergies, you should never assume that you will find something at the airport. Bring along some fruit, nuts, cut up veggies, or protein bars just in case! You can also download an app called Airport Food. This app has lists of restaurants and stands in all airports. The best part is that real people write reviews on the restaurants and it tells you pricing, and allergy info! Plus the app provides you with location information like, which terminal and what gate each place is near.
  • Don’t forget your Revive Hydration Mist! Being up in the air can really do some dehydrating action to your whole body. The first thing I do when I step off the plane is mist myself with my Revive Hydration Mist.
  • Then touch up with some Perfecting Powder, after all, you never know who could be sitting next to you on your next flight… may as well look refreshed!

What are some of your “must have” travel items? Let us know in the comments below!

Products Used:
Hand Sanitizer
A Wanted Man by Lee Child
Revive Hydration Mist
Perfecting Powder
Retractable Ultra Brush
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