Q&A with Kate McCarthy: Achieving a “Stay-Cation” Glow

Q&A with Kate McCarthy
Q: Hi Kate! I am on a budget this summer, which means no exotic vacations anytime soon, but I would still love to get that tropical vacation glow during my "stay-cation". Do you have any tips for achieving a radiant summer skin at home?

Kate McCarthy: To obtain that tropical glow (without leaving home) think treatment AND make up. Start your mornings off with some Vitamin C. I like the 15% Vitamin C Serum. This will protect your skin from daily elements and brighten your complexion, giving you a healthy vibrant glow. For makeup less will be more. Use the Protecting Powder SPF 30 in bronze all over your face (pull down to your chest) top cheeks with a little Blush in papaya, and your lips with Gloss in bronze. Throw some Eye Shadow in sand pebble on your lids (lash line to crease) and load your lashes up with Water Resistant Mascara. You will have that nice natural, ‘I don’t need make up because I just got back from the island, #wheresmydaiquiri?’ look about you.  No one needs to know that you actually didn’t go to St. Tropez for a week… Happy Stay-cation!  

Radiant Summer Skin at Home
Get a radiant stay-cation glow!
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