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Q&A with Kate McCarthy- Beauty Questions

Q: Hi  Kate! I have acne scarring and some redness I want to cover. What's the best way to choose a concealer? Do you go one shade lighter or darker than your foundation? - Amanda via Facebook

Kate McCarthy: Great question! You actually want to highlight the scarring and redness first.  I know that sounds backward, but it’s true. Use a color or corrector that is lighter than your foundation. This gives natural light the opportunity to reflect off the point of interest, which will make it look less apparent.  Be sure to camouflage AFTER you apply your foundation, this way you see what your foundation covers and are able to put just what you need to camouflage the problem area!

Finding a good foundation formula and color are key. Base the choice off of your skin type, if you have dry or combination skin consider Protective Liquid Foundation - Satin II. If your skin is oily try Pressed Base OR Protective Liquid Foundation - Matte II, but only try Matte II if you are extremely oily (as in, you need to blot one hour after your primary application), otherwise Pressed Base will work well for you. Make sure you get the right color for your tone. Color match by drawing a strip of foundation from your cheek all the way down your neck. Whatever color disappears on your NECK is the color for you.

Products for Treating Covering Acne
Kate's Products for Treating and Covering Acne

Q: I was wondering what the best way to treat and hide acne would be. I usually get severe breakouts on the right side of my face, especially near the jawline. The type of acne I get is usually big, red, inflamed and very painful! - Kelly via Facebook

Kate McCarthy: The best way to treat acne is to use products that have ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide and Retinol. My favorite combination (as I also have acne prone skin) is the Refine Cleanser OR the Purifying Gel Cleanser, the Clear Anti Blemish Treatment (spot treat in the a.m) followed by the Purifying Oil Control Emulsion and the Oil Free SPF 40+. At night, I cleanse with the Refine Cleanser and treat with the Renew Serum. If I have a healing blemish, I use the Healing Gel.  To cover a breakout during the day, you want to think highlight. Use a camouflage one shade lighter than your foundation. If you give the natural light something to reflect off of, it will give the appearance of smooth, even skin. Also, try sleeping on your back. Sometimes if we sleep on the same side of our face every night more congestion can build up causing more breakouts! Please read my how to cover answer for Amanda’s question to find the best way to conceal during the day.

Thank you,  Kelly and Amanda, for your excellent questions! Do you have a question? Leave it in the comments below!

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