Q&A with Kate McCarthy: Makeup to Beat the Heat

Q&A with Kate McCarthy

Q: With temperatures hitting more than 100 degrees I am having a hard time finding products that can withstand the summer heat and humidity. How can I get my makeup to last through the entire day?  

Kate McCarthy: Having been through some 105 degree weather myself this summer, I have concocted a few tips to keep your make up from melting off your face. Luckily glo minerals is sweat and water resistant, so half the job is already done for you! Here is how I suggest you take that even further! 

Liquid foundations can be a recipe for disaster in the summer, unless you are wearing a matte formula. glo minerals  Protective Liquid Foundation - Matte II is great if you are attending an outside event, or just want extra coverage at the beach. Make sure you mix your it with Moist Hydration Mist and a little Face Primer. I like to put a pea size amount of the foundation and a half a pea size amount of the primer on the back of my hand, mist the two, then mix with my texture brush and apply.  

If you are looking for a quick five minute application, I suggest using our Pressed Base which has a semi matte finish and will keep your skin looking fresh and cool. Make sure you use primers for your whole face such as Face Primer, Lid Primer and Under Eye Primer. These are specifically designed to keep product in place! If you want a dewy look, swipe some Shimmer Brick  in gleam or luster all over but a little bit goes a LONG way, so go easy!

If you are worried about eye liner or eye shadow evaporating under high temperatures, set your look with Perfecting Powder. Use an eye blender brush, load it up with powder and tap it onto your finished eye look. The powder is translucent, so it will not affect the color or depth of your shadow or liner.  For lips and cheeks I always prefer a stain in the summer. I love our Powdered Cheek Stain. A little bit goes a long way and it stays on your skin until you wash it off. I dot a little on my lips with my finger, than top it with Gloss in shine. Stay cool out there!!

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